recognizing staff buying OTG merch (merchandice) for Corpsmembers December 10 2018, 1 Comment

Over the years many staff have bought products for their corpsmembers for special occasions like promotions, graduations and Christmas time.  Most notable was retired Tahoe Center Director John Martinez who, with OTG staff, customized the Tahoe Strong bracelet for his center. Los Padres Conservationist I Victor (Vito) Rocha, a good friend, has been buying OTG products for his corpsmembers up to his retirement in 2018. Julien Fannin from Redding has been buying the sequoia belt buckle for his crewleaders.  He told me he is "playing it forward" since his Chico CI gave him one when he became a crewleader (before becoming a CI).

John, Vito and Julien used their own money for the purchases.

onthegrade gives Staff 20% off the entire purchase when you buy merch for corpsmembers. Just work with us in advance here Contact us to start the conversation and obtain a discount code.