CCC - Dates of Academy Sessions 1-40 March 05 2019, 2 Comments

I ran across this in my archives.  I notice in social media many early corpsmembers can't remember the dates when they started or session numbers.  Here are the dates of Session 1-40.  CCC HQ used to send an "intake schedule" out to camps (hard copy) before there were computers, email and such.

  • recruits first reported to the Sacramento Convention Center for paperwork, then transported to the Academy via buses, vans and trucks.
  • most of the sessions in this document took place at Bret Hart Academy in Murphys, CA.
  • Notice how long the training was - almost a month.
  • recruits worked half that time in camp learning appropriate technology and half the time on a very large grade crew.
  • PT started at 6am and the day was finished at 8pm after classes.
  • there were about 375-400 recruits each session divided equally into eight crews.  That’s 50 per crew!
  • BT Collins or Jack Dugan and other HQ staff would come to give the graduation talk with the corpsmembers.
  • recruits officially became a Corpsmember at the graduation ceremony when you received your blue hat.
  • Center assignments were posted in several locations the day before graduation.
  • center assignments were initially based on needs of the centers. Later, in an effort to reduce attrition, corpsmembers were asked to give three locations they would go.
  • a class picture was always taken.