Finest Quality Belts

Imagine, for 15 years not having to look at big box store’s overpriced rack belts because you found the perfect belt right here at

If your like me, you know that quality belts are hard to find. That's why we sourced a master leather craftsman with over 35 years of experience to make us the best belt money can buy. 

We asked our craftsman to source the finest leather hides. Our belts are made from 8-10 oz. Latigo soft leather from U.S. steer hides. The belt is one consistent thickness (3.88mm) of leather, no layers, stitches or bonded leather here. They are crafted with hand beveled and burnished edges and have heavy duty snaps on the buckle end.

We ended up with classic looking belts for men or women with two widths and several popular buckle options.  A belt that we at onthegrade wear every day. There are stories of these belts lasting 15 years and longer in hard working conditions.

There's no other way to put it except to say these belts are exceptional and well worth your hard earned money.....or we wouldn't sell them.