Smiles, Joy and Gratefulness

 There are many things that bring a smile, joy and gratefulness to my life. 

Building the bamboo fly rod I fish with, tying the flies that I will put on this fly rod and catching (and releasing) trout with that combination. That's called the "triple slam" in fish talk. Brings a certain satisfaction to my life.

Making a 7’6” graphite fly rod for each of my grandchildren, and as write on the rod..."With love from Pop Pop", joy fills my heart.

Planting a bare root fruit tree and carefully, year after year, pruning and tending it until it gives us delicious summer fruit brings joy with a smile.

Hearing the laughter of little children as they play brings a smile and joy to my life.  Especially when they are my children or grandchildren.

Hearing my wife laugh.  She has a great laugh. I sometimes can hear her laugh from another room. Her laugh brings joy and a smile.  Her laugh never fails me.

Seeing the sunset over a body of still water or the Sacramento River brings me joy.

Good neighbors like Tom and Kelly reminds me to be grateful. Good neighbors make the new redwood deck possible, lifting heavy things easier and borrowing the 8ft ladder - the length I don’t own - all possible. 

Why do I tell you these things?

Because people who have experienced the Corps tell me how much they treasure what they purchased from also brings joy to my life.

And as I package the order, a smile appears knowing a mom or dad just bought their daughter or son this gift from us.

Our wish is that your purchase will bring you joy with a smile and a grateful reminder how lucky we are to have been a part of it all.

Blessings to you and your love ones



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